The vision of Parabolic is to have all the necessary facilities and technologies in one space for complete audio production. Sound editorial, ADR recording, Foley recording, and mix can all be done in-house.

In addition to having complete creative control across disciplines, we also offer unparalleled value for complete sound packages. With two state-of-the-art Dolby certified mix stages that have world class acoustics and isolation, as well as ADR and Foley facilities, Parabolic is as technologically advanced as it is accessible and affordable. In addition, we offer individualized client services to make sure our clients are comfortable and well taken care of while in our space.

All Accommodations

The Woodhouse
The Country Annex
The Attic Loft

Peak Schedule

In the event your stay spans across peak / off-peak times, off-peak rates apply.

Peak Seasons
November 15 – February 15
June 1 – September 30

Off-peak Seasons
February 16 – May 31
October 1 – November 14

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